Tired of cleaning up after your dog?

                                     We can help!

Dog waste removal Call of Doodie Quad Cities

Call of Doodie is an individually owned dog waste removal business. It’s based out of Coal Valley, Illinois but services are available throughout the Quad Cities.

Note from the owner:

Hi! My name is Wendie and I’m a bit of a Jill of all trades- cleaning trades that is. 19 years ago I started a house cleaning and gardening business. Through word of mouth and advertising (and of course hard work) it has become quite successful in a small business way.

Recently enough people have asked me about dog poop removal that it has become obvious to me that it’s time to expand my cleaning skills into lawns. I’m excited about this expansion of the business because cleanliness and health are things I believe go hand in hand. My dog friendly techs and I are devoted to helping this belief become a reality.

The entrepreneur bug has definitely bitten me. I owe its success and my thanks to the many wonderful people I’ve had and will have the privilege to serve.

Time is precious and using yours to cleaning up after Rover may not be top on your to do list. Call of Doodie is here to turn your valuable time into free time. Our friendly, professional dog waste removal technicians pick up where your pet left off; scooping and disposing of the poop so you don’t have to.

 Doodie is our duty so let us give you a hand

Dog waste removal services are available on both sides of the Quad Cities:

  • In Illinois:
    • Moline, Illinois
    • East Moline, Illinois
    • Rock Island, Illinois
    • Milan, Illinois
    • Coal Valley, Illinois
    • Colona, Illinois
    • Orion, Illinois
    • Silvis, Illinois
    • Carbon Cliff, Illinois
  • In Iowa:
    • Davenport, Iowa
    • Bettendorf, Iowa
    • LeClaire, Iowa